Oct 11, 2015

Love. It's a word that is easily spoken in this age. A word that almost anyone will be quick to believe. What people don't realize, when they assume they are "in love", is the types of love they could be feeling. It's hard to truly tell if you're "In Love" with someone versus, loving them as a friend, or loving the thought of being "in love". For anyone, this can be hard to establish. Take a second to think back on every relationship in which you said, "I love you", and point out what you may have actually been feeling. Now, look at the relationship you're in now, or thinking about starting, and notice the difference in the feelings... Use what you felt before, through out, and ending to help you better understand weather or not or "in love", or "in love" with the idea.

Posted at 12:36 pm by MizzRandomnezz
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